Prison food The Muslim News reports that the UK tabloids favorite hate figure Abu Hamza or "Captain Hook" and other alleged muslim terrorists are having problems in jail.

Belmarsh high security prison has "accidently" been feeding them pork chops which are in conflict with their halal requirements.

I'm sure some will say that it is an intentional attempt to humiliate, but I reckon more likely to be due to overwork and overcrowded prisons and incompetent managers... 

  Amusing Newspaper Corrections I like this correction.

"The short edited extract from JM Barrie's Peter Pan yesterday, changed Barrie's line from "...so long as children are gay and innocent and heartless". to "...so long as children are innocent". Internal editing of that kind is not a good idea"

Don't want offend those of offensive sensibilities! 

  Oil gubbins Here's an interesting story I read in the Guardian the other day. Apparently, over the next few years the amount of oil that the UK will produce from its North Sea oil reserves is going to go into decline.

One of the main reasons for this according to the article is because of the governments "ideological unwillingness to make public investments in oil and gas exploration and production"

Sometimes we forget that one of the basis of the UK economy comes from the fact that we have north sea oil, and when it Runs out then thing might start to go downhill due to "an annual burden on the balance of trade of £25bn-£28bn"

In conclusion I guess this piece is throwing down a challenge to exponents of alternative fuels and environmentalists (and I guess I would consider myself an exponent). The pressure that you have put on the government has been sucessful in making them focus on green fuels, but because of this focus we are putting the economy at risk because we have not focussed on our profitable fuels.

On another note, it seems that the oil price rises are not solely due to increase in demand. Those shady hedge funds are apparently betting on the price increasing still.

"There is a lot of speculation. Hedge funds are still buying, expecting prices to go even higher"says an expert

So whilst countries economys teeter on the edge of problems it's nice to know the people running hedge funds are pocketing a profit! 

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