You gotta love those business presentations ....I recently moved into a less corporate job at a university, and one of the joys of working there is that you never hear anyone using "business speak". Yes, it must have been a few months now since I heard anyone using phrases like "lets take that off line" and "synergy" and it feels good.

I think that culture is summed up by this blog entry. How come every scientific and business presentation needs to have some type of Venn diagram in it?

Personally it doesn't beat some of the presentation graphs I saw at my former company, such as the legendary "Parthenon of values" where each pillar of the mythical building contained a "value" the company stood for. 

  The chaos of walking around in London ....After having to deal with the every day chaos of walking around London (people jams, crap everywhere, complicate road crossings), it is great to see that someone is trying to do something.

The public space survey of london (pdf - quite big) entitled "Towards a fine city for people" is a great read with fantastic diagrams explaining the chaos of Londons streets. It is also (unintentionally) very humerous, I'm sure a lot of people will relate to it.


  MP3 recommendation for today If you didn't see the spoof educational BBC TV program "look around you" a few years back then you missed a classic. To whet the appetite for the new series coming soon,I've just discovered their section of electronic music downloads from the old series, They're spectacularly good.  

  Who needs CCTV when you've got this ...If you want to the future of surveillance check out this 2.5 GPixel photograph. When you can zoom in on a car that looks like a dot in the original picture to see the number plate then you realise the power. Imagine a camera using this technology. No need for a bunch of puny CCTV cameras just stick a few of these babys up 

  Take one country, add some badly planned regime change ......Even if they had tried intentionally, I doubt the Americans and the British could have made a bigger mess of Iraq (why does everyone just blame Bush, remember Blair should be equally called to account).

Newsnight had an excellent piece in their show last night (ram of show) about a young guy who was basically a rich entrepeneur making soft drinks in Fallujah. To cut a long story short, he describes how his uncle and cousin have been killed, his town has been destroyed to rubble, his business and home were bombed and then looted, and finally he was arrested (if you find plastic in a bottling factory it may turn out not be WMD). This guy is completely reasonable and he doesn't go into any anti western tirades or anything like that. But just to see the anger as he walks thorugh the rubbles of his factory is really sobering.

And Naomi Klein, who has done more to expose the hypocrisy in Iraq than almost anyone else, is talking in the Guardian about the recent bombing raids in Fallujah. There not a great deal new there, but she summarises the whole mess as a tale of two elections. Mainly the American one, and the way the Iraqi election have been cynically manipulated to suit the American elections.  

  My verdict on firefox Well I've cursed Internet Explorer crashing on me for far too long (and no i never sent them an error report either). So I downloaded firefox.

After 10 minutes my verdict: What's the hype about? This does nothing interesting at all!

After 2 days and adding the delicious, google and gesture extensions: Wow, this is fantastic!

Gestures is definitely the killer funtionality that will make firefox for me. It looks cool and it is amazing useful (particularly when you have a tiny desk and everytime you go up to the back button you have to pick up the mouse).


  Blogging fallujah ....Kevin Sites has been in Iraq blogging for a while now (formally working for the US conglomorates but due to his blogging, now as a "freelance"). The pictures he's posted today of Fallujah are fantastic. This one of a marine about to attack is disturbing. He looks really young, he looks angry but he also looks really scared. There's something about his expression and those sunglasses that he is wearing that really burnt the picture into my head.

This is the type of thing that make blogging so great and important. 

  This is the internet .....I'm really enjoying this blog currently. It is written by Tom, a bloke who works on cable boat that travel around fixing cable under the sea. It feels like another world. 

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