Depressing stories of the day - George Monbiot writes: "I hope that newspapers do not represent public opinion. If they do, it means that we consider the Home Secretary's love affair more important than the resumption of the most deadly conflict since the second world war. On Sunday, the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), already responsible for 3.8 million deaths, started again. If you missed it, you're in good company."

- Also try to check out Poisoned planet on radio 4: "Up to 75 million people in West Bengal and Bangladesh are drinking water contaminated with arsenic after an initiative to provide safe water went tragically wrong.

It was assumed that underground water which flowed from the Himalayas would be clean, when in fact it is laced with deadly arsenic which has unleashed a human tragedy described by experts as greater than Chernobyl or Bhopal"

In that case, this kind of question should not be taken from any
show telecasted in specific country. * Team answer sheets -
Basically a grid lined A4 type sheet with answer write in numbered boxes and a line on top
for the team name. 28.

My web site; funny pub quiz names
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